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Thank you for spending a few minutes on our site. We hope it helped with planning your vacation to wonderful southwest Colorado and we'd love to be part of your travel plans. If you have ANY questions, please call us toll free at 866-529-2480, use our direct number 970-533-1504,or fill in the information below and we'll be sure to get back to you quickly. Email us at or visit us on Facebook.

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About Sue and Bob

Having grown up in Chicago (Sue) and Denver (Bob) and having worked in the San Francisco bay area for 30+ years, we decided it was time to leave the city life for the rural environment of southwest Colorado.

After a 4 year, 40,000 mile search, we found this wonderful 80+ acres in sight of Mesa Verde National Park and decided we could start a bed and breakfast. Folks ask if we retired here. NO! We orchestrated our mid life crisis. After 17 years hosting guests from around the world, we're still enjoying the music.

We love opening our home to guests - and we'll do our best to share the wonders of the southwest with you. We take pride when we've helped our guests get introduced to the Four Corners. The history, the archeology, the outdoors and the "western adventures" are not to be topped! There is so much to see, learn, experience in southwest Colorado!

And our guests are so cool -- they know that rest, relaxation, and recreation can be scheduled to their benefit! Have you noticed that years go by faster and faster as we get older?

"Tis time to take those long promised vacations!"

Celebrating 17 years in business!
Bed & Breakfast near Mesa Verde National Park
11555 Road 39 Mancos CO 81328
Phone: (970) 533-1504
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