Guest Dogs

With prior agreement, your dog is welcome in the Log Cabin or the Guest House. The Lodge is home to our pets, and we respect their domain by not having visiting pets in the lodge. Our pets are not allowed in the Log Cabin or Guest House.

Please bring your dog's bed so he/she will be comfortable and have something familiar. You are also welcome to use the 80+ acres for walking, running, playing with your pet but please keep them away from the horses. Also there may be another visiting dog with other guests, so the situation could be confusing for the pets. Should there be a problem, we may ask you to keep your pet inside or in our outside portable kennel, or on a leash.

Please know that our dog, Oreo, has the run of the property. Our experience is that she get along with the visiting pets (usually), or leaves them alone.

As you come in, you’ll see Oreo Lane and Chester Street, our humorous street signs. We think Chester (our recently deceased Aussie Shepard) could read his sign, but are pretty sure Oreo hasn’t noticed.

Dog Liability Release form



Our Resident Dog

(Tribute to Chester)

Oreo is a Border Collie mix (we don't know the other part) and is cuter than she is smart. We laughingly report that the other part was a really dumb dog. She understands "sit", but "down" is too difficult.

Of course the counter argument is she is really smart, because trying to teach her down involves treats, which she devours.

Regardless, she’s a love. She’s maybe 9 years old by now and still can run really fast. She chases cars to our chagrin. She leaves flying gravel as she accelerates - going after our departing guests!