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Guest Dogs

With prior agreement, your dog is welcome in the Log Cabin. The Main Lodge is home to our cat, and we respect his domain by not having visiting pets in the lodge - we're in the west, but not looking for a rodeo in the house. On the other hand, our cat is not allowed in the Log Cabin or Forest Edge if there are any allergy concerns.

Please bring your dog's bed so he/she will be comfortable and have something familiar. You are of course welcome to use the acres for walking, running, and playing with your pet.

Note, there may be guest horses on the property. Also there may be another visiting dog with other guests, so the situation could be confusing for the pets. Should there be a problem, we may ask you to keep your pet inside or in our outside portable kennel, or on a leash.

Final note: as you come in, you’ll see Oreo Lane and Chester Street, our street signs in testament to our dogs that greeted and played with guests for many wonderful years. We think Chester (also deceased Aussie Shepard) was smart enough that he could read his sign, but are pretty sure Oreo didn't notice.

Dog Liability Release form

Oreo - RIP 2015

We are sorry to report that Oreo passed away at home in March 2015. She had a good life and loved guests. We miss her but are happy to announce a new dog has joined us - Pepper. Timid, very energetic with expressive ears, she is just getting used to guests so may be slow to greet you - and then is very friendly.

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