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Guest Horses

If you are traveling with your horse(s), we can provide "lodging" for one or more. Arrangements are flexible, depending on whether they will share a corral or need to be separated. Prior agreement at time of reservation is required because we welcome only one trail group at a time. The horses’ lodging isn't as luxurious as yours, but we have 2 large (50 ft. dia.) sand corrals with water and loafing sheds. The corrals are visible from the main lodge and a short walk from the cabins.

Be sure your horses' shots are current and they are in good health. Please bring your own feed as we do not have any on site.

Horse trailer: Our driveway entrance is up a hill with some relatively tight turns. Please discuss with us any concerns regarding your trailer access. We have had some 4 horse rigs pulled by significant cab/truck. It all depends on how good a driver you are. So be sure to talk to us when you make the reservation.

If you are bringing a horse, we require a signed liability release form (click below for release form).

Horse Liability Release form

Our girls have moved on

Fiona and Tessa were living a very soft life on the Sundance Bear "ranch". We realized we were no longer riding them for a variety of reasons.

When the local dude ranch indicated they were looking for gaited horses for their guests to ride that needed a more gentle experience, we were able to donate them to the ranch.

Now they get to work for their dinner, at least a little. Keeps them trim!

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