Times change - and we grow older!

Do you find yourself dreaming about owning a private retreat in the beautiful Colorado mountains? Here is your opportunity to do what we did about 17 years ago - we call it orchestrating a midlife crisis. We left the busy life of California and chose to slow down and de-stress in Mancos, CO. Come, and do the same.

Sundance Bear Lodge: 3 buildings on about 86 acres was our answer. But after 17 years, we realize that that is too much for us and not necessary for the bed and breakfast; we'd like to share it. Over the years some of our guests have indicated an interest in moving to Mancos - so now is the time to do it.

The southern half of the land, which is away from the state highway, has been legally divided into 3 lots with electric power and water at the lot line. Two lots are what we'd call View Lots. The 13 acre parcel looks down into Cassidy Canyon with a view to the LaPlata Mtns. to the east. The 27 acre parcel looks west into Sundance Canyon with a view of Mesa Verde and the Sleeping Ute. Choosing a building site with a great view and probably positioned for solar would be easy to accomplish. Mancos, CO has lots of sunshine all year! And the premier building sites are invisible from the other lots.

The third listing is for the 8 acres that includes the 14 year old guest house we named Forest Edge. It's a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house with 1700 sq. ft that's off the hill from the Sundance Bear Lodge with separate access. We built the house to be as handicap accessible as we could - 3 ft wide doors, no halls, large bathrooms with grab bars and all on one floor with a ramp from the parking area to the front deck. There is a walkout basement under the house that is garage and laundry. This can be your private retreat or vacation home - ready to occupy in the fall.

Access to all three lots is from Highway 184 onto County Road 39. (We still call the drive Oreo Lane after our dog.) Fire mitigation (required by the county) has been done. We believe our land division will allow everyone to enjoy his/her lot with minimal impact on the neighbors. Covenants are in place to support that.

Come and walk the ground - and see if it speaks to you like it did to us!

Allow yourself to dream. Come and experience it. Feel the sense of calm and the serenity.

Photos of the View Lots don't do the land justice. Photos can't capture "drop dead gorgeous"! 86 acres is a lot of land - more than Sundance Bear Lodge requires. Our guests will still enjoy about 40 acres when they stay in the lodge and log cabin. The new owners will get to enjoy the rest! For some a map or picture is vital to understanding the relationships between the 3 lots, the highway, and Sundance Bear. If you are interested in Forest Edge but want more land, consider adding one of the View Lots. Price becomes negotiable with this type of offer.

Check the listings: (13 acres), (27 acres), (8 acres with house). Pat Janz and Lori Elworthy (with Coldwell Banker) are listing the 2 lots at $169,000 and $171,500,respectively and the house at $415,000. Please let us know if you are now ready to make the move to Mancos, CO! Mancos is 30 miles west of Durango and 20 miles east of Cortez in the Four Corners region. 970-749-1497 (Pat) or 970-799-0159 (Lori). pjanz@yesdurango.com lelworthy@gmail.com

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