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Have you indulged yourself with a body massage lately? Maybe you enjoy a massage on a regular basis -perhaps once every couple of weeks to relax from the pace of your work life. Or after a gym workout.

But here in the 4 Corners, stretching and exercise come in different forms. Can you feel the pain….

  • After a hike in the mountains at altitude-
  • After a horseback ride (the 1st one you have experienced in ages!) -
  • After climbing ladders and scooting through tunnels at Mesa Verde!
  • Our 7000 ft. altitude makes a substantial difference to your body if you come here from sea level. You believe you have any easy day planned - but after a day in the sun and fun at 7000ft your body and muscles may disagree with you!
  • Even traveling - just sitting and doing nothing for hours on a plane or in the car -- can be tiring too! Do you expect to make all the connections with ease??

Wouldn't a massage refresh and re-energize you?

For some a dip in our hot tub is the answer, then follow it with a massage for the whole effect!
    Plan an hour on a comfortable table.
    In the hands of a licensed massage therapist.
    You'll feel like new person in just 60 minutes.

You know how your vacation is planned; surely there is one free hour to dedicate to self-repair and a bit of indulgence!

Send Sue an email ( and we'll do our best to find a massage therapist for you. Payment is due when the arrangements have been made. Cancel without cost within 24 hours.

Schedule your massage!

  • Give us as much notice as possible; 2 weeks is a minimum guideline.
  • Don, Rob, Laura, Chyrise, and Amy are the therapists we will call to find a match for your date and time.
  • The price is $90 for an hour table massage.
  • Afternoons or evenings are best.
  • Would anyone else in your party like to have a briefer chair massage as well? (young adults and adults only)
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