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Pet Reservations

Fido and Trigger are welcome guests at Sundance Bear. We will do our best to make them feel at home. However ours are the only cats, and they reside in the main lodge.

We enjoy our animals and know having yours with you can enhance your vacation and we are happy to offer this possibility. Please be sure to let us know at time of reservation that your pet is joining you.

Be aware, anytime animals are introduced to a strange situation, things may not go as predicted. You know your pets best and we've never had any problems in 17 years. Oreo usually says hello, then ignores guest dogs. But our insurance requires a signed liability release form (click Guest Dogs or Horses link below).

Pets and Mesa Verde (details)

Pets are allowed to be with you in the park with restrictions (similar to all national parks). Click on the details above for their official policy. If you'd like, we can help with arrangements for having Fido "stay home".

Guest Dogs at Sundance Bear (details)

With 80 plus acres to roam, a pond (if your dog likes water) and a few quick rabbits, Sundance Bear is "heaven" for your friends.

Guest Horses at Sundance Bear (details)

Bring your horse(s)! The San Juan Mtns are gorgeous! Ride over creeks and through stands of aspen. Marvel at the views from high passes.

Our "Storyteller"

Guests wonderfully helped add to one of our Teddy Bears - this now is our version of the native american storyteller.

Our Resident Pets

Our "friends" include dog, cats and horses. Wild turkeys, rabbits and deer round out the zoo.

Our Dog

Oreo is our greeter and doorbell. She will bark at cars, but is very friendly. (more on the Dogs page).

For our long term guests, we are sorry to report we had to say goodbye to Chester in September 2013. He had a wonderful life for 16+ years and met innumerable guests. He was alert to the end - arthritus and hip problems wrote the final story.

Our Cats

JD and Morris are our cats and live in the main house. Do you remember "Morris the finicky cat" commercials? Be amazed - those commercials started in 1968!

Note for those with cat allergies, the cats are never in the cabin or Forest Edge. We try to keep them out of the lodge bedrooms, but they do sneak in and some guests invite them in. Let us know when you arrive and we will lock them away.

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