Great things to see on and off the property


  • Fall at the pondOur aspen add to spectular fall colors
  • Sunsets can be magicSunsets and the history with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid inspired our name
  • Cliff dwellings at Mesa VerdeA National Heritage site, this National Park is a must see - spend at least a day
  • Rock art - a glimpse of a cultureWere these drawings story telling, religious, or kid's doodling?
  • Winter at Sundance Bear2 to 5 feet of snow each winter, but we keep the drive plowed
  • Annual balloon festivalAdding to the local color, a hot air balloon ride opens wonderful vistas
  • Spring is colorfulOne big hedge of lilacs add color to the spring
  • Mesa Verde from Sundance BearThe square top mesa is the entrance to the park
  • Indian Dancing in CortezEvery summer, Cortez does free indian dances most evenings
  • All signs point to MancosWhat can we say - come visit!
Fall at the pond1 Sunsets can be magic2 Cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde3 Rock art - a glimpse of a culture4 Winter at Sundance Bear5 Annual balloon festival6 Spring is colorful7 Mesa Verde from Sundance Bear8 Indian Dancing in Cortez9 All signs point to Mancos10

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